Staircases, balconies, handrails – you’ll find all that and more in our offer! Railing London Ltd offers some of the finest railing products in London.

Railing London Ltd is a company that specialises in providing original staircases, balustrades & cnc services to private and commercial clients alike. Active on the market for over 10 years now, it is quickly making its way to becoming the leader of the balustrades & staircases market in the UK.

With over 1000 clients served, Railing London Ltd is now considered as the industry leader in London. Thanks to its efforts, it has been accepted into the Guild of Master Craftsmen.

Throughout its entire lifespan, the company has delivered all products on time and provided excellent customer service with a 2-year warranty.

Company registration number: 7100758
VAT No. GB987110309
UTR No. 2791322146

Railing London Ltd prides itself in the quality of its products. We’re able to provide our clients with the best railings on the market thanks to the fact that our main goal is to always give it our all, giving you a product that completely meets your expectations, rather than empty promises.

In order to keep that efficiency at a consistent levels, we aim to invest in further innovations and new team members, as the more up-to-date our equipment is and the greater our staff, the better results we can guarantee. We also aim to put more of our income into charity to help those in need through our achievements.

Railing London Ltd is a company focused on their clients. Over the ten years of our company’s operation, we’ve managed to completely satisfy over 1000 clients with our incredible range of floating staircases, glass balustrades, and many more products.

Our achievements have been recorded through a wide array of media and press coverage.

For our efforts, we have been accepted into the Guild of Master Craftsmen. We are also recommended by Q-Railing, one of Europe’s premier balustrade component suppliers.

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Railing London – reliable staircases & balustrades supplier

It doesn’t matter how many years you are on the market or how cutting-edge your equipment is – it all means nothing without a reliable, tightly knit team. Thankfully, Railing London Ltd has that, further ensuring the quality of our service.

Each of our team members is a specialist with years of experience. They know exactly how to handle any project, and they’re all trustworthy and reliable, making them the perfect team for any job.