10 Staircase Design Ideas 2018

If you have a staircase in your home, it’s a given that you climb up and down your stairs every day. This area, despite seeing so much daily traffic, is often overlooked. However, by implementing a clever design, you can completely change the look of your staircase and make it more appealing. Let’s go through 10 staircase design ideas in 2018.

  • Floating staircase Design

Whether you are looking for a classy staircase design for your commercial or residential project, the Floating staircase design is the most preferred choice. With hidden attachments or structural glass, this design gives the illusion of floating stairs, letting the light enter the room or basement at the same time.

  • Glass staircase

This type of staircase design adds elegance along with an air of exclusivity to any place. You can add this staircase design to any industrial, commercial, as well as modern home interior. The clean and sleek lines of glass treads offer an amazing look. Undoubtedly, glass staircase are truly eye-catching.

  • Helical staircase

This type of staircase design gives the appearance of a helix or curve. The curved structure takes you from one level to another by way of circular rotation. Because of its rising features and unique shape, this type of staircase is perfect for a showroom and retail. The helical staircase design is also appropriate for residential and commercial purposes.

  • Metal Staircase

This design is sturdy, strong, and easy to assemble. Perfect for both the outdoors and indoors, you have many colour finish options to choose from. It can be custom designed and made into a wide assortment of sizes and shapes. Whether you are looking for traditional style, modern or simple or elegant, metal staircase are available in many styles.

  • Middle Spine

If you are looking for an appealing yet functional staircase design, middle spine is the right choice for you. The freestanding stairway design doesn’t require any supporting walls. It takes rest on a central spine, which gives an illusion of floating.

  • External access stairs

The attractive look and strong construction of the external staircases built to last for many years to come. This design is used in many applications like accessing to the first-floor room within public space or within a terraced garden. With a plethora of balustrade options like contemporary glass balustrade, timber styles and commercial handrail systems, the prospects are unlimited.

  • Spiral Design

The spiral staircase is made of glass, wood or concrete. These can be curved or round and consist of individual threads or steps connected to a centre column. This stair design offers plenty of benefits when it comes to style and space. Because of small footprint, these can fit to any design.

  • Zig Zag

If you are looking to add traditional beauty, then the zig zag design is the right option for you. This stair design never runs out of style. With a hidden stringer, these designs ensure minimalistic look for any interior.

  • Close Riser

Close Riser provides you full coverage feel. It contains boards in between of the stair tread. This means tread’s underside will be not seen. This is one of the most affordable options and welcome additions to any home. This staircase is made using conventional techniques and simply enhance the look of any interiors.

  • Open riser

This staircase design is a flexible option that can be used across a number of staircase styles. Featuring stainless steel and glass handrail with dual wood treads and stringers, this L-shaped staircase enhances any commercial or residential space design. This is the best option for those who are looking to create a well-lit and open space. It can be incorporated into both exterior and interior projects. This staircase design is also a great option for those who are looking for unobstructed views of the unique staircase design option and treads.


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