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Juliette Balconies, Privacy Screens & Roof Terraces

Our modern juliet balcony designs using clear glass, allow uninterrupted views from inside and also conform to building regulations. You can choose between frameless juliet systems or those with stainless steel frames. Choose from the options below to find out more.

If you require a roof terrace balustrade or railings, we can provide you with the right balcony balustrade for your requirements. A range of post systems and frameless glass balcony options are available.
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We Specialise In...

  • Juliette / Juliet Balconies
  • Terrace Balcony & Railings
  • Roof Terraces In Glass
  • Glass Balcony Design & Build
  • Balcony Metalwork & Construction
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Our Juliette & Roof Terrace Options

Juliette Balconies

  • Juliettes act as a guard rail or balustrade that protects an opening where a protection from fall is required. You cannot step out onto a juliet balcony but can lean on it.
  • Our juliette balcony options are available in glass and metal, and in a variety of shape, sizes and finishes.
  • Take a look at ourJuliete Balcony Gallery and get some inspiration for your project.

Privacy Screens

  • When a balcony or roof terrace is thought to overlook into a neighbouring property, sometimes there is a requirement for a privacy screen in glass.
  • Privacy screens are available in sandblasted, coloured or acid etched glass.
  • OurPrivacy Screen Gallery showcases the endless possibilities we offer.

Roof Terraces

  • Frameless roof terrace balustrades in glass, stainless steel post systems, or glass infill panels, there are a variety of roof terrace options to choose from.
  • We are experts in installing balustrades to sensitive roof areas lined with membranes, asphalt or felt.
  • View ourRoof Terrace Gallery and see if some of our previous installations interest you.

Standard Balconies

  • Standard balconies refer to the type generally seen on most properties. This type of balcony is usually constructed in steel and cantilevered to the side of the property.
  • A huge variety of options are available in glass, stainless steel and wood.
  • OurBalcony Gallery shows our recent works. Contact ushere to discuss your balcony requirements.

Recent Balcony, Juliette Projects

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